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Learn WS02 ESB from best Institutes in Mumbai. The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus or WS02 ESB is a fast, lightweight, open source, and user-friendly ESB. It is distributed under the Apache Software License v2.0. It is a light integration bus, a part of SOA technology platform from WSO2. It is a classic example of a bus whose architecture consists of exposed interfaces for client applications, message processing and business logic flow module, adapters for services exposed by external systems. WSO2 ESB allows system administrators and developers to conveniently configure message routing, mediation, transformation, logging, task scheduling, failover routing, load balancing, and more.

WSO2 ESB is developed on top of the revolutionary WSO2 Carbon platform, an OSGi-based framework that provides seamless modularity to your SOA via componentization. This release also contains many new features and a range of optional components (add-ons) that can be installed to customize the behavior of the ESB. It also supports transport switching, eventing, rule-based mediation, and priority-based mediation for advanced integration requirements. The ESB runtime is designed to be completely asynchronous, non-blocking, and streaming based on the Apache Synapse mediation engine.

WSO2 ESB is released under open source license for easy adaptation to specific customer needs. WSO2 ESB can be deployed at the heart of an SOA architecture. WSO2 ESB comes with a large set of building blocks, called mediators, which are used to construct mediation flows. Mediators cover data manipulation, data enrichment, connections to external systems, invoking external services and APIs, business events generation, and database integration among others. WSO2 ESB is configured and not programmed, reducing the developer’s learning curve. WSO2’s Developer Studio graphical tool can be used to design and debug ESB mediation flows.

Main features of WSO2 ESB includes Low demand for resources, Scalability in layered and cloud architecture through built-in load balancing mechanisms, high efficiency, Flexibility through a number of currently implemented transports, protocols and the option to implement additional solutions, Synchronous / asynchronous processing with built-in queues, enhanced message filtering and built-in management and logging mechanisms.
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