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Learn Structured Authoring from best Institutes in Mumbai. Structured authoring is a publishing workflow that lets you define and enforce consistent organization of information in documents, whether printed or online.It refers to development, deployment and management of structured contents. It represent a significant paradigm shift in content creation. Implementing structured authoring with XML allows organizations to enforce content organization requirements. The addition of hierarchy and metadata to content improves reuse and content management. These benefits, however, must be weighed against the effort required to implement a structured authoring approach.

The business case is compelling for larger writing organizations; they will be the first to adopt structured authoring. Over time, improvements in available tools will reduce the cost of implementing structured authoring and make it affordable for smaller organizations. In structured authoring, a file—either a document type definition (DTD) or a schema— captures these content rules. Authors work in software that validates their documents; the software verifies that the documents they create conform to the rules in the definition file.

Structured authoring is based on elements. An element is a unit of content; it can contain text or other elements. You can view the hierarchy of elements inside other elements as a set of nodes and branches.

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