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Learn Quilling classes from best institutes in Mumbai. Quilling is the craft of creating designs by rolling narrow strips of paper. Pre-cut quilling paper is available to buy in many colours and various widths – usually 3mm to 10mm – either from craft stores or online. Alternatively, you can cut your own strips from medium weight paper – about the weight of copy paper. Be aware that paper which is too thin will have a tendency to tear and paper that is too heavy will not be flexible enough to roll. A quilling tool has a slotted needle around which the paper is rolled. Fine tweezers are useful for positioning intricate designs.

With the quilling paper in one hand and the quilling tool in the other, slip the strip of quilling paper into the slot in the tool. Turn the tool until the strip rolls into a cylinder. Keep coiling the paper around the quilling tool until the required size is achieved. For a tight circle, remove the paper from the quilling tool and glue the end to close the circle. Use a cocktail stick or the head of a pin to dab on dots of glue. For a loose circle, remove the paper from the tool and lay it on a flat surface to let it expand slightly then glue the end to close the circle. Make a teardrop shape by creating a loose circle and pinching one end. Create a heart shape by folding a strip in half and making a sharp crease then rolling each end inwards.

White or colored paper can be used—even pieces of brightly colored junk mail work well. Quilling can be done with simple tools and supplies, and almost anyone will get beautiful results. Traditionally quilling was created by ladies of leisure to decoratively adorn frames and furniture. Churches used gilded paper to create scrolls and embellish religious artwork. Today’s quilled art and projects are made using the same methods that have been used for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Traditional quilling and methods are thriving in the craft world but today we get to enjoy a new type of quilling that is emerging on the scene. Modern quilling is bright and bold. Texture and variance are being used and traditional themes are being broken.. The below are list of best quilling classes and coaching centers in Mumbai. At TrainingBox Mumbai, We can help you to get the quilling course fee details from top 10 quilling classes in Mumbai.
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