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Learn Proclarity BI from best Institutes in Mumbai. ProClarity Analytics Platform is a component-based product for building business intelligence (BI) applications using Microsofts Analysis Services as the online analytical processing (OLAP) server. ProClarity Business Intelligence help organizations in two fields. It helps to make faster fact based decisions by giving knowledge workers the ability to explore data with patended data virtualizations. It makes IT more efficient by enabling a high level of self serve information gathering. This is done using the ProClarity BI Architecture. The Analytics Family helps decision makers quickly glean understanding from massive amounts of data by delivering dramatic visualizations, easy navigation and connections to diverse, live data sources. Users are empowered to explore and discover insights on their own, which frees the IT department from constant report requests. With ProClaritys easy to use Business Intelligence tools, the power of analytics is no longer limited to a few analysts in the organization. Decision makers, analysts, information consumers and executives all interact with information using a wide variety of data exploration tools in both desktop and Web interfaces.

ProClarity develops advanced analysis and visualization technologies for Microsoft software. It was founded in 1995. ProClarity is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has been a leading provider of third-party analytics tools based on Microsoft’s BI platform since 1999. ProClarity gives organizations a simple, powerful and adaptable interface to insight, expanding on the power of the Microsoft business intelligence platform. ProClarity’s solution includes ProClarity Analytics Server (PAS), which augments Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and works in association with Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Today, more than 1,200 customers use ProClarity solutions with Microsoft’s comprehensive, enterprise-class, business intelligence platform. With this acquisition, ProClarity becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft and will remain located in Idaho, USA.

ProClarity enables organizations to make faster, smarter business decisions by offering both out-of-the-box business intelligence software and an industry-leading analytic application platform that allows companies to build sophisticated, custom analytic applications. These solutions, based on business processes, decision-making workflows and business intelligence management, dramatically speed the decision-making process by transforming information into usable business intelligence through the use of innovative real-time analytic technologies, patented visualizations, web-like navigation and powerful calculations. The ProClarity family works to speed understanding, planning and action on the part of decision makers by delivering dramatic, unique visualizations, easy navigation, and multiple connections to diverse, live data sources. It also centrally manages, stores and deploys best practices and key performance indicators.
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