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Learn Mobile Phone Service course from best training institutes in Mumbai. The Mobile Telephone Service (MTS) was a pre-cellular VHF radio system that linked to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). MTS was the radiotelephone equivalent of land dial phone service. This service originated with the Bell System, and was first used in St. Louis on June 17, 1946.

The Mobile Telephone Service was one of the earliest mobile telephone standards. It was operator assisted in both directions, meaning that if one were called from a land line the call would be routed to a mobile operator, who would route it to ones phone. Similarly, to make an outbound call one had to go through the mobile operator, who would ask for the mobile number and the number to be called, and would then place the call.

The major mobile service providers in the United States include Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. Their services differ in terms of the wireless service plans, data speeds (3G vs. 4G), reliability and the devices they support. . A mobile service provider is sometimes called a wireless service provider (WSP), wireless carrier or mobile carrier. This service originated with the Bell System, and was first used in St. Louis. The original equipment weighed 80 pounds and there were initially only 3 channels for all the users in the metropolitan area, later more licenses were added bringing the total to 32 channels across 3 bands. The allocation might be primary, secondary, exclusive, and shared. Primary allocation is indicated by writing in capital letters. Secondary allocation is indicated by small letters.

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