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Learn MDX from best Institutes in Mumbai. Multidimensional Expressions abbreviated as MDX is the standard for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) calculat ion design, cube querying, and reporting. It is the query language developed by Microsoft for use with their OLAP tools. Since its creation, The other open source project Mondrian, and Hyperion) have tried to create versions of it for use in their products. OLAP data tends to look like a star-schema with a central fact table surrounded by multiple dimensions. MDX is designed to allow you to query these structures and create cross-tab type results.

There are two major ways we can use MDX. We can use it to write expressions and we can use it to write queries.We can think of writing MDX expressions as writing formulas on an Excel spreadsheet, the Cube being the spreadsheet itself.MDX expressions allow us to store complicated business logic in a single place – the OLAP cube. By storing complicated calculations in a single spot, we achieve two useful goals which are Ease of the report developer’s life by providing that complicated calculation off-the-shelf and Ensuring each user sees the same information, instead of each having to rely on their own, possibly different, implementation.Using MDX to write expressions in an OLAP cube makes it easier for us to enforce the single version of the truth mantra of OLAP deployments.We can also use MDX to write stand-alone queries against an OLAP cube. In this regard, we can use MDX pretty much in the same way as we would use SQL against a regular database. We can write custom expressions in the query itself, we can also make use of MDX expressions already stored in the OLAP cube, saving us from having to write them up again from scratch.If users are working with MDX, then they must be aware of the syntax that Report Studio supports and can edit the SQL or MDX for a query that has been created as an SQL or MDX query or that has been converted to SQL.

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