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Learn Hybris from best Institutes in Mumbai. Hybris is a German company that sells enterprise multichannel e-commerce and product content management (PCM) software. It is a subsidiary of SAP SE.Hybris was founded in Zug, Switzerland in 1997 by Carsten Thoma, Moritz Zimmermann and Klaas Hermanns. It subsequently moved its headquarters to Munich, Germany.
Hybris or libhybris is a compatibility layer for computers running Linux distributions based on the GNU C library, intended for using software written for Bionic-based Linux systems, which mainly includes Android libraries and device drivers.
SAP Hybris is one of the emerging e-commerce platforms on the Internet, with numerous number of retailers and websites using it. It is very powerful, flexible, modular and also suitable for mid-range and larger retailers building a serious online presence.
However, Hybris is a bit complex and has many different deployments, architecture, and configuration options which directly affect its performance and reliability, especially as traffic and/or product counts grow. In addition, the underlying hosting environment, also can greatly affect a Hybris system
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