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Learn Google APP Engine from best Institutes in Mumbai. Google app engine is a cloud computing platform used for web hosting applications in managed data centers and run it across multiple servers. It is used as platform as a service offering for java, python, Go and PHP in its standard environment.

It lets you run your web applications on Googles infrastructure; applications are easy to build, easy to maintain, and easy to scale as your traffic and data storage needs grow:
1. Zero to sixty: Scale your app automatically without worrying about managing machines.
2. Supercharged APIs: Supercharge your app with services such as Task Queue, XMPP, and Cloud SQL, all powered by the same infrastructure that powers the Google services you use every day.
3. Youre in control: Manage your application with a simple, web-based dashboard allowing you to customize your apps performance.

Applications are sandboxed and as the number of requests increases for an application, App Engine automatically allocates more resources for the web application to handle the additional demand.
It is free up to a certain level of consumed resources. Fees are charged for additional storage, bandwidth, or instance hours required by the application.It was first released as a preview version in April 2008 and came out of preview in September 2011.
Google has said that it plans to support more languages in the future, and that the Google App Engine has been written to be language independent.C# is also supported. Arbitrary Docker containers are also supported
Some of the restrictions that are levied with this application are as follows:
1. Developers have read-only access to the filesystem on App Engine. Applications can use only virtual filesystems, like gae-filestore.
2. App Engine can only execute code called from an HTTP request (scheduled background tasks allow for self calling HTTP requests).
3. Users may upload arbitrary Python modules, but only if they are pure-Python; C and Pyrexmodules are not supported.

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