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Learn golf classes from best institutes in Mumbai. Golf is a game in which a ball is struck with a club from a prepared area, known as the teeing ground, across fairway and rough to a second prepared area, which has a hole in it, known as the "putting green". The object of the game is to complete what is known as a hole by playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole on the putting green in the fewest possible number of strokes. There are basically two forms of play, one which is decided by holes won and lost (match play) and the other which is decided by the total number of strokes taken to complete the round (stroke play).

Golfers begin a play by standing at the teeing green and aiming the ball towards the putting green, the area where the flagstick and hole are located. The length from the teeing green to the hole varies depending on the course, and it may or may not be seen from the teeing the green. Most courses have holes that are seen from the teeing green, but some angle left or right making the invisible from the teeing green. There are three important principles to remember when playing golf. Play the course as you find it. Play the Ball as it lies. And if you cant do either, do whats fair. To do whats fair you need to know the Rules.

Different golf clubs have different physical properties and are used for different types of golf swing. Being able to guess which club to use in a given situation is a skill that expert golfers develop over time. Knowing how to swing a club is all-important to enjoying the game of golf, and a good swing starts with a good stance. The standard swing stance is a balanced and flexible starting point for your swing. . The below are list of best golf classes and coaching centers in Mumbai. At TrainingBox Mumbai, We can help you to get the golf course fee details from top 10 golf classes in Mumbai.
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