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Learn Echocardiography course from best training institutes in Mumbai. Echocardiography training programs teach students how to produce ultrasound images of the heart. This echocardiography course helps students to learn about the different types of echocardiograms, such as transthoractic and transesophageal. Students study the principles of echocardiography, as well as the physics behind it. The course is designed to provide the practitioners with the detailed knowledge required to become competent at echocardiography. The student will be able to gain a thorough working knowledge of echocardiography scanning techniques, and will be skilled in the operation of ultrasound instrumentation and laboratory equipment, can also acquire the proper manner in working with patients and under guidance from faculty and professional staff, become capable of scheduling and performing the daily workload of ultrasound procedures, of evaluating new procedures where necessary, and of supervising other technical personnel.
Echo test is a graphical representation of your hearts movement using ultrasound. It is one of the common test used to diagnose a heart attack and heart disease. Echo test is recommended by a cardiologist , to access the over all function of your heart and to detect the type of heart disease. Most commonly its used to know the LVEF following heart attacks ,in other words pumping function of the heart.

Thus echocardiogram test is done to evaluate the valves and chambers of the heart from the outside of your body. An echocardiogram shows the walls, contents, and flow characteristics of each cardiac chamber, portions only of the pericardium and pericardial space, portions only of other structures adjacent to the heart, and, of course, the valves of the heart and certain associated flow characteristics. The echocardiogram can help detect Abnormal heart valves, Abnormal heart rhythms, Congenital heart disease, Damage to the heart muscle from a heart attack, Heart murmurs, Inflammation (pericarditis) or fluid in the sac around the heart (pericardial effusion), Infection on or around the heart valves (infectious endocarditis), Pulmonary hypertension, Ability of the heart to pump (for people with heart failure), and Source of a blood clot after a stroke.
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