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Learn BAMBOO Administrator from best Institutes in Mumbai. Bamboo is a continuous integration and build server available from Atlassian corporation that connects issues, commits, test results, and deploys so the whole picture is available to your entire product team- from project managers, to devs and testers, to sys admins. Bamboo has a simple installation process, helpful quick-start guide, simple build configuration, and seamless integration with JIRA. Bamboo supports builds in any programming language using any build tool, including Ant, Maven, Make, and any command-line tools. Polling strategy can be easily configured and scheduled. It comes with configuration templates like ANT, Bundler and so on.

It allows language integrations with multiple notification methods and great integration with other Atlassian products and comes with third party plugins, along with flexible public APIs to extend the tools. The product can be easily configured for build pipeline, with a build configuration paradigm catering for complex build workflows. The applications are JAVA-based and thus platform agnostic. They can be deployed on any platforms with an Oracle JDK and provide support for remote agents. Some of the key highlights are view builds and releases that are related to specific issues, run builds by releasing out of JIRA directly, display build/deploy reports in JIRA and Confluence, view code changes and reviews that are related to your builds and much more.

The Bamboo administration involves how to setup Bamboo so that it can build software projects written in any language. A range of best practices are also explained, and attendees will gain insight into how to distribute builds to remote machines to utilise additional resources, Managing users and permissions, Backing up your data, Setting up remote agents, Using bamboo more effectively and much more.

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