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Learn Apache tomcat from best Institutes in Mumbai. Apache Tomcat was developed by Apache Software Foundation in late 1999. Apache Tomcat software is an open source software which is developed and maintained by an open community of developers. Earlier Apache Tomcat contained three components. They are Catalina, Coyote, and Jasper. Catalina is a Tomcat’s Servlet container. It is used to implement Sun Microsystems specifications for JAVA Server Pages and Sun Microsystems. Coyote is used as a connector component for Tomcat which supports HTTP 1.1 protocol as a web server. It listens to the upcoming connections to the server on the specific port and forwards it to the tomcat engine and waits for the response. Jasper is the JSP Tomcat engine used to detect the the changes in the JSP Files and allows it for recompilation.
Later three more components were added to this Apache Tomcat. They are Cluster, High availability, Web application. Cluster was mainly added to deal large applications. It is especially used for balancing the load. For the better scheduling of the system upgrades without affecting the live environment, a high–availability feature has been facilitated. It is of very much use during heavy traffic on high applications. The Tomcat 7.x uses the Servlet 3.0 and JSP 2.2 specifications and it requires Java version 1.6. The Tomcat 8.x uses the Servlet 3.1 and JSP 2.4 Specifications.
The free Apache Tomcat resources and communities include and MuleSofts Apache Tomcat Resource Centre. It involves both user and developer mailing lists. Developer List involves discussion on building and testing the next release. User list involves discussions on their problems with the developers and other users.
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