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Learn Apache Mahout from best Institutes in Mumbai. Apache Mahout is an open source framework that is primarily used in producing scalable machine learning algorithms as well as in data mining.It is a simple and extensible programming environment for building scalable algorithms.A mahout is the one who drives an elephant as its master.Hence it uses elephant as its logo.
Mahout was founded by several people who were involved in the Apache Lucene which is an open source search community who found their interests in machine learning.It later became as Apache TLP in April 2010. Apache Mahout is a product of the Apache Software Foundation to produce scalable machine learning algorithms focused primarily in the areas of collaborative filtering, clustering and classification. The implementations use the Apache Hadoop platform.
It also runs in single node or a non Hadoop Cluster. The algorithms of Mahout are written on top of Hadoop, so it performs well in distributed environment. Mahout uses the Apache Hadoop library to scale effectively in the cloud.Companies such as Adobe, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, and Yahoo use Mahout internally.
Mahout has come a long way in a short amount of time. Although the focus is still on the Three Cs such as collaborative filtering (recommenders), clustering, and classification, the project has also added other capabilities.It has expanded and improved in two areas such as core algorithms for machine learning, and supporting infrastructure including input/output tools, integration points with other libraries.However it is continuously improvising each day.. The below are list of institutes offeres best apache mahout training in Mumbai. You will find training centers which offers apache mahout training with placement in Mumbai. Leave your details to get the apache mahout course fee details from top 10 apache mahout training institutes in Mumbai.
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